Maple Leaf Articles

Historical Perspective by James W Towart

Union Army Transport by James W Towart and Col JV Witt USA Ret

The Great River War on the St. Johns by Richard A Martin

Regiments with Baggage Aboard  Maple Leaf by D. K. Ryberg

The Johns Island Expedition by James W Towart

Army Report on the Loss of the Maple Leaf from the National Archives

The Maple Leaf's Canadian History by Gerald T Girvin

The Sociology of a Shipwreck Project by James J Miller

The Search for the Maple Leaf by Keith V Holland

Field and Conservation Procedures by Lee B Manley

Significance of the Artifacts by Francis Lord

Admiralty Court by James Moseley

Environmental Permitting by Kevin R Bodge, PhD. and Erik J Olsen, PE

Naval Architecture & Documentation by Boris W Kirriloff

When History Takes a Dive:
The Wreck of the Maple Leaf and the Legal Question of Marine Cultural Property
by Andrew Morrow

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