Thesis Pictures

Thesis Figures & Tables



Figure 1      Maple Leaf site location map
Figure 2      Maple Leaf site prior to excavation 
Figure 3      Lake Ontario
Figure 4      Hypothetical profile of the Maple Leaf
Figure 5      1856 ambrotype of the Maple Leaf
Figure 6      1876 U.S. Coast Survey Map
Figure 7      1884 U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Map
Figure 8      1911 U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Map
Figure 9      Results of the 1985 magnetometer survey
Figure 10    Location of the aft cargo hold excavation
Figure 11    Probing outline
Figure 12    Artist's drawing of 1992 bow excavation
Figure 13    Maple Leaf site plan
Figure 14    1992 Bow excavation plan
Figure 15    1993 Midships excavation plan

Figure 16    1994 Stern excavation plan

Figure 17    Bow construction details
Figure 18    Dagger knees
Figure 19    Paddle shaft support truss
Figure 20    Starboard guard
Figure 21    Hogging truss
Figure 22    Bulwark construction details
Figure 23    Bow cap rail
Figure 24    Windlass
Figure 25    Architectural features seen on the Maple Leaf ambrotype
Figure 26    Forward cargo hatch reconstruction
Figure 27    Reconstruction of the lower cargo deck
Figure 28    Draught of the steam vessel Commonwealth
Figure 29    Components of a marine walking beam engine
Figure 30    Reconstructed starboard boiler face
Figure 31    Glass water gauge
Figure 32    Gauge clock
Figure 33    Components of the drive train
Figure 34    Reconstructed side view of the paddle wheel
Figure 35    Reconstructed end view of the paddle wheel
Figure 36    Crown and cylinder glass manufacturing process
Figure 37    Decorative motifs on etched glass
Figure 38    Longitudinal reinforcing system
Figure 39    Draught of the 44-gun frigate President
Figure 40    Preliminary ship reconstruction

Table 1    Window glass type and provenience
Table 2    Wood species used in ship construction
Table 3    Water testing results from the aft hold