The general excavation strategy called for clearing the 1988/89 excavation as a working space inside the hull. The excavation then proceeded south and east creating a trench oriented east/west on the longitudinal axis of the ship. When combined with the area cleared in 1989 the entire interior excavation is a rough L-shaped trench.

Although the excavation proceeded horizontally into a vertical wall, arbitrary one foot levels are used to discuss the spatial distribution of material. All levels are measured relative to datum 3, the highest point in the hold. There are currently five level designations with Level 1 at the top.

Five recoveries designated general fill include artifacts found in the general silt matrix. These proveniences often overlap because they were excavated from the same place at different times. This is the result of policing the excavation at intervals. To avoid confusion these general fills will be discussed in a separate section, not with their specific provenience level.

An abbreviated list of diagnostic artifacts is included in the discussion of each Recovery. Since cataloging and artifact identification is on-going, the listing is tentative and subject to change.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
General Fills