The 1993 Maple Leaf Field Investigation

Mechanical Operating History  

Engineering Space Investigation

Main Deck
Aft Cargo Hold
Engineering Spaces
Walking Beam and Connecting Rod
Paddle Shaft
Valve Operation

Aft Cargo Hold Excavation



During the summer of 1993, field investigations continued on the Maple Leaf site in north Florida. The East Carolina University Program in Maritime History and Nautical Archaeology recorded the engineering spaces during its annual summer field school. Eighteen faculty, staff and students participated in the month long field school. Additional documentation in the engine spaces was accomplished with the help of Saint Johns Archaeological Expedition volunteers. The volunteers also participated in a controlled excavation in the aft cargo hold. A computer based mapping program, used on the Maple Leaf for the first time, became part of an effective system to record features and artifact provenience inside the ship. This work completed the second year of a three year research project to document the physical condition and remains of the vessel, and conduct limited excavations in the cargo holds.


The effort and support of many individuals continue to make the Maple Leaf Project a successful endeavor. Special thanks goes to Keith Holland and Lee Manley of Saint Johns Archaeological Expeditions, Dr. William N. Still, Jr., East Carolina University and Dr. James Miller, Florida State Archaeologist. These individuals have worked together to make the Project possible.

The many volunteers of Saint Johns Archaeological Expeditions have unselfishly donated their time, skills and resources. I would like to mention in particular Chic Acosta, Mike Barker, Mike Dupes, Ed Kee, Mike Kirkpatrick, Paul Kramer, Robert Lunsford, Finlay Matheson, Steve Michaelis, Whitney Morgan, John Nelson, Tom Parham, Mac Sweat, Zack Taylor, Larry Tipping, Matt Robillard and Frank Surface.

Thanks also to the staff and students of the 1992 Maritime History Program's Summer Field School. Brad Rodgers directed the field school with the assistance of Larry Babits, Richard Stephenson and William Still. Steve Sellers, Dive Safety Officer and Natalie Lew provided students with excellent dive training and maintained a safe dive site. Students Hans Van Tilburg, Chris Olson, Jeff Morris, Steve Brodie, Tim Hastings, Nathan Henry, Annalies Kjorness, Jenifer Neal, John Rauls, Paul Steinberg, Sean Tanner and James Valle maintained their composure under difficult conditions and collected excellent data.

The illustrations in this report are credited to several individuals. Martin Peebles, Tom Parham, Brad Rodgers and Frank Cantelas produced the pen and ink drawings. Lee Manley spent many hours on the computer generating mapping coordinates for material found inside the aft cargo hold. In turn, University of North Florida student Dan Rhodes spent many late nights using the coordinates to make the final CAD drawings for this report.
Finally, for those not mentioned by name, I would like to thank each and every one of you for participating in this project.