By James W. Towart and Col. J. V. Witt, USA Ret.
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 2See Appendix A for the names of the crewmen killed, the Confederate prisoners, other members of the crew and passengers.
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 21Federal commanders had suspended the exchange and parole for several reasons, including the Confederate President's announced policy (which was never implemented) that captured Northern officers found in command of black troops would be turned over to the individual states for trial as persons promoting servile insurrection.
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 35The value of five cents in 1863 can be estimated by a tariff of prices established by the military on St. Simons Island, Georgia, in July 1862; a quart of milk, four cents; a dozen eggs, 12 cents; a chicken, 12 cents; a dozen ears of corn, five cents; a large fish, two cents a pound. Macolm Bell, Major Butler's Legacy (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1987), pp 362-3.
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 41Board of Survey, op. cit. Captain Dale testified that he was ordered to Pawnee Landing to load "the camp and garrison equipment of Foster's and Ames' Brigades." First Lieutenant George W. Roder, the assistant quartermaster in the 13th Indiana Regiment, testified that he had supervised the loading of the garrison equipage and baggage of Foster's Brigade onto the Maple Leaf . The New York Times on April 13, 1864, reported that the cargo was "the camps and garrison equipage of three regiments of Gen. Foster's Brigade, and also the personal baggage of officers." Documentary evidence of the property of General Ames' Brigade has not been found during research by the writer of this article.
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