Appendix A
Passengers and Crew Aboard the Maple Leaf
at the Time of Explosion on April 1, 1864.

By James W. Towart

The probable number of people on board : 66 based on the Board of Survey report of 58 loaded into lifeboats, and eight left on the wreck, four crew killed and four Confederate prisoners.

Maple Leaf crew1  31
Pilot: Romeo Murray  1
     Capt. Langon, Gen'l Hatch's staff
     Capt. Chadwick, Gen'l Hatch's staff4
     Mrs. Chadwick
     Chadwick child
     George Garrison
     Major Wales, 55th Mass. Inf. Regt.

Confederate prisoners5
     Asa Emanuel
     Amos Emanuel
     Barry Justice
     William Leeman
Baggage guard6
     Sgt. Milton Brown, 112th NY Inf. Regt. plus 10 men
Total known 53
Total not known 13
Total on board 66
Killed were: Deckhands, Simeon Field, Eli Foster
Firemen, Benjamin Wiggin, Charles Summer2


Provost Marshal's Guard: Standing orders for transports on the St. Johns River at the time of the sinking required a ten-man guard to be on board.8

It is possible that the ten-man baggage guard detail from the 112th Regiment also served as the Provost Guard.

In testimony given by Captain Dale in 1869, he said, "there were 63 people on board, crew, a few troops and two ladies."9 This is at variance with his testimony on April 2, 1864 at the Board of Survey hearing.

As to the question of as to whether Mrs. Dale was on board, The New York Times reported on April 13, 1864:

    The Captain's wife and sister-in-law, who have lived on the boat for several months, happened to be in Beaufort on Friday (April 1)10


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Revised: August 27, 2000